2013 Summer Trip Application

These are due by February 20, 2013 at 6 PM. All the information is in the document!


Summer Trip 2012

UCSD’s Project RISHI just completed it’s second annual summer trip to Anandwan, Maharashtra, India. The trip was extremely rewarding and eye-opening. Students conducted health education camps for blind and deaf children regarding first aid, nutrition, and personal hygeine. They wrapped leprosy wounds at 5 AM and got to see different patients in the leprosy hospital and children’s hospital. They met with doctors and learned a lot about the disabling nature of leprosy. They also interacted with the Swaranandwan orchestra, donating $7000 to their cause 🙂

We hope to continue our efforts with the health camps and orchestra in the future. Thanks to all of our donors who helped us reach these goals!

Pictures and videos will be up soon!

Leadership Application 2011-12

RISHI Leadership Application 2011-12

Please read the directions on the application closely before submission.

List of Open Positions:

Finance Chair

  • Keep a budget of all expenses
  • Keep track of all donations and funds raised
  • Handle reimbursement and AS Funding requests
  • Work with other Chairs to determine and manage budgets

Marketing Chair

  • Create posters/flyers/rave cards and organize distribution
  • Design a T-shirt for the organization
  • Handle Facebook group and events
  • Reach out to other organizations, both at UCSD and off-campus

Project Management Chair*

  • Review proposals for projects in India
  • Plan and design project with contacts in India and other chapters
  • Coordinate tasks for project completion
  • Organize supplies for projects in India
  • Allocate funds for projects accordingly

Travel Coordinator

  • Organize travel itinerary for trip
  • Contact airlines for potential fare reduction
  • Collect money and book tickets for everyone travelling
  • Coordinate intermediate transportation

Corporate Sponsorship Chair

  • Contact outside organizations and groups for donations
  • Contact corporations and request sponsorship
  • Apply for grants
  • Conduct stewardship for sponsors and donors

Private Sponsorship Chair

  • Search for local individual donors
  • Coordinate partnerships with local events to solicit donors
  • Conduct stewardship and donor recognition

Fundraising Chair

  • Coordinate fundraising events on campus
  • Come up with ideas to raise money
  • Fill out Triton Activity Planner (TAP) for events
  • Present to campus organizations and college councils for funding


  • Take minutes at meetings and email them out after
  • Coordinate email notifications
  • Handle room reservations and bookings
  • Take notes for whatever is necessary
  • Manage all email contacts and monthly newsletter


  • Take pictures of fundraising efforts
  • Take pictures and videos of the trip
  • Compile media presentations for members, donors and sponsors
  • Sort through and organize media that has been accumulated


  • Set up online donations through Google or Pay-Pal
  • Make changes to the website and keep regular maintenance
  • Work with webmasters of other chapters to create a unified website
  • Graphic design experience preferred but not mandatory

All officers are expected to attend two weekly meetings (one leadership meeting and one committee meeting) regularly and provide valid excuses for absence.